Specialist Divisions - Fatty Acids, Glycerine & Soap Noodles

Fatty Acids, Esters & Soap Noodles Contacts:

Mr Nigel Eves
Product Manager

  • Mobile: 07970 134451
  • Email:

Mr Jay Latif
Product Manager

  • Mobile: 07971 733243
  • Email:

Nadia Fontana
Logistics Manager

  • Tel: +44 2074935451
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Malaysian Palms

IOI Oleochemical is one of the largest oleochemical producers in the world with principle activities of manufacturing and sales of fatty acids, glycerine, soap noodles, fatty esters and a division of IOI Group. The versatile products are used in a wide variety of applications, including manufacturing of detergents, surfactants, shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, food additives and plastics.

These Fatty Acids are available in bulk in isotankers directly from Malaysia. They are also available in drums or IBC's either from our local storage depots in the UK or directly from Malaysia.

Click Here For Product Specifications (Adobe PDF file, 175Kb)


Soap Noodles and Esters


Non-superfatted, superfatted and alkaline opaque base noodles are available in a variety of PO:PKO Blends. Other speciality and functional Soap Noodles, such as Translucent Soaps and Combo Soaps, are also available. Please click here for Product Specifications.

The noodles are supplied either in 25kg bags on pallets or in big bags and are available either direct in FCL or via our local depots.

For more information please go on to the IOI website link:



Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)


There is in an ever-urgent need and growing global concern that products are produced without undue harm to the environment or society. RSPO Certification is a seal of approval that the palm oil used in the product is responsibly produced and volumes are traceable. Producers are certified through strict verification of the production process, to the stringent RSPO P&C, by accredited certifying agencies. The certified sustainable palm oil (RSPO Oil) is traceable through the supply chain by certification of each facility along the supply chain that processes or uses the certified oil.

IOI are committed to the production of palm oil in a sustainable manner based on economic, social and environmental viability. The parent company, IOI Group is a founding member of RSPO and is on the executive board. With their active contribution and support Tennants Distribution Limited aspire to supply our customers with products from sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices.

Tennants Distribution Ltd as an RSPO member can offer the following:

For more information please contact the Product Manager

Click Here for RSPO Certificate


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