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White Oils

Tennants Distribution Ltd are the exclusive distributors in the UK and Ireland for the Sonneborn Refined Products (formerly Witco Refined Products) range of White Mineral Oils and Petroleum Jellies.

Sonneborn Refined Products are a global leader in the manufacture and supply of high-purity specialty hydrocarbons and has a manufacturing history dating back more than 100 years.

Their manufacturing sites in Holland and the USA have a successful track record of manufacturing and marketing highly purified White Oils and Petroleum Jellies.

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White Mineral Oils

Tennants offer a wide range of Pharmaceutical and Technical White Oils with viscosities ranging from 3 cSt to 240 cSt.

Applications: White Oils make an ideal blending base for personal care and pharmaceutical products. Their inert nature makes them easy to work with, as they lubricate, smooth, soften, extend and resist moisture in many formulations. You can find our pharmaceutical grade white oils in products ranging from baby oils and lotions to sunscreens, tissues and antibiotics.
Our oils have proven themselves in food applications as wide ranging as dough divider oils to dust suppression grain oils. Tennants are also accredited to the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).
White Oils lubricate food-handling equipment, impregnate wrapping paper to keep foods crisp, and enhance the leather tanning process. Also, our low pour point grades improve hot melt adhesives and lubricate air conditioner and refrigerator compressors.

Petroleum Jellies

Tennants supply a broad range of Pharmaceutical and Technical Petroleum Jellies. They range in colour from white to yellow, and differ from one another in consistency and strength.

Applications: Personal care and pharmaceutical manufacturers choose our products as a formulation base. Petroleum Jellies add lubricity and moisture resistance to lotions, creams, ointments and hand cleaners. Food processors rely on them for usages that range from baking to packaging.
In metal polishes and buffing compounds, Petroleum Jellies protect against moisture and corrosion.

White Mineral Oils and Petroleum Jellies can be supplied in both bulk and packs via Tennant's extensive distribution network.

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