Specialist Divisions - Fatty Acids, Glycerine & Soap Noodles

Acidchem, Derichem or Esterchem Contacts:

Mr Nigel Eves
Product Manager (Soap Noodles & Fatty Esters)

  • Mobile: 07970 134451
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  • Nadia Fontana
    Logistics Manager (Import)

    • Tel: +44 2074935451
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    Malaysian Palms

    We are the exclusive UK agents for Acidchem International Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. Acidchem, who is owned by IOI Oleochemical Industries, is the largest producer of Palm Kernel Oil derived Fatty Acids in the world and is also the major palm based Oleic Acids producer. The acquisition of Pan Century by the IOI Group, finalised in 2007, now makes them the undisputed global market leader, particularly in Fatty Acids and Soap Noodles (please see below). The current annual production capacity of Acidchem is 370,000 tonnes of Fatty Acids and 40,000 tonnes of Glycerine and the current capacities of Pan Century are 350,000 tonnes of Fatty Acids and 36,000 tonnes of Glycerine.

    We supply Acidchem's Palmac Fatty Acids in bulk tankers from their European bulk storage distribution centre in Holland. A total of 10 products are now available in bulk. They are:

    These Fatty Acids and others as well, including Glycerine, are also available in bulk in isotankers directly from Malaysia. They are also available in drums or IBC's either from our local storage depots in the UK or directly in containers from Malaysia.Click Here For Product Specifications (Adobe PDF file, 175Kb)

    Click Here for IOI REACH Compliance Declaration

    Click Here for RSPO Certificate



    We are also the exclusive UK agents for Derichem and Esterchem who are involved in other downstream activities in the IOI Oleochemicals group.

    Derichem (M) Sdn Bhd produce Palmsabun Soap Noodles. With the acquisition of Pan Century by the IOI Group, the total production capacity for Soap Noodles is now 200,000 tonnes per annum. Both non-superfatted, superfatted and alkaline opaque base noodles are available in a variety of PO:PKO Blends. Other speciality and functional Soap Noodles, such as Translucent Soaps and Combo Soaps, are also available. Please click here for Product Specifications.The noodles are supplied either in 25kg bags on pallets or in big bags and are available either directly in containers or from our local depots.

    Esterchem (M) Sdn Bhd make Palmsurf Esters and have a total production capacity of 4,000 tonnes. The product range includes Palmsurf IPP90/98 and Palmsurf IPM90/98, Isopropyl Palmitate and Isopropyl Myristate respectively. Palmsurf GMS40, Glyceryl Monostearate 40% is also available.

    For more information please go on to our Acidchem website link:


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