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      Product Manager Allnex LRA/XLR South

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      Product Manager Allnex LRA/XLR North

Tennants Distribution Limited (Resin Division) offers a selective range of industrial products to meet existing and developing specifications. Mainstream products include synthetic polymers used as backbone resins, hardeners and cross-linkers for the industrial paints, printing inks, packaging, adhesives, textiles and construction industries. These are supported by performance enhancing products including biocides, film wetting and control additives, film surface improvers. Additionally polymers are supplied for environmentally compliant applications and for very specialized medical and dental uses.

The Resin Division provides full in-depth technical back up and product support through Product Mangers who have extensive technical and industrial experience. They act as direct links with our Principals to ensure that facilities in the areas of bespoke products, new technology, problem solving and full advise on use of products in various applications is readily available to customers.

Principals represented and products supplied.

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(Formerly Cytec Coating Resins)

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for amino cross-linking resins marketed under The Cymel® trade name and also the Additol® range of supporting additives:

ACure® - Michelmann addition fast curing reaction new technology for isocyanate free high end technology coatings.

Additol® - a range of wetting and dispersion additives, defoamers, thickeners, flow aids, grinding media and some novel water-based driers to support the resins package.

Alpex® - Cyclized rubber used mainly in the printing industry.

Beckopox® - water based and solvent-free 2K epoxies and hardeners for industrial metal coatings and also for concrete coatings.

Cymel® resins are based on melamine, urea, benzoguanamine and glycoluril chemistry, and used in many industrial finishes, including traditional solvent based stoving paints, acid curing wood finishes, environmentally compliant coatings both high solids and waterbased.

Daotan® a range of water-based polyurethane dispersions for use in speciality coatings on wood, plastic and other substrates.

Duroftal® - solvent-based hydroxylated & isocyante-crosslinkable polyesters.

Duroxyn® - water & solvent-based epoxy esters for line marking, surface treatments of minerals and fibres.

Macrynal® - 2K water & solvent-based acrylics for automotive OEM & refinish, plastic and glass coatings.

Phenodur® - Phenolic resins for etch primers aqnd other Industrial Paint applications.

Resydrol® - a full range of Decorative and Industrial grades of water-based, water reducible and acrylic/urethane modified alkyds. Grades available for air drying and stoving.

Rockydal® -Amine-accelerated unsaturated polyester resin range.

Seta H® - Urethan Bisoxazolidine speciality product

Setal® - Solvent-borne alkyds from the former Nuplex legacy, Polyester polyol & saturated polyester, SCA modified.

Setalux® - 2K isocyanate curing and non isocyanate acrylics for both solvent and water-borne applications from the former Nuplex legacy.

Setamine® - Amino cross-linkers

Setaqua® - Water-borne acrylics for 1K systems

Setathane® - Polyester ether Polyols & Polyol Emulsion resins

Tungophen® - Special alkyd additive based on modified phenol / formaldehyde resin.

Ucecryl® - low water-uptake, minimal surfactant produced polymers for exterior roof coatings.

Viacryl® - water and solvent based 1K acrylics for Industrial applications including cathodic e-coat.

Vialkyd® - solvent-based high solids alkyds for Industrial and Decorative Paint.

Viapal® - unsaturated polyesters for specialist application areas.




is a leading producer of vinyl acetate polymers for the following applications:

Paints: vinyl acetate homopolymers, vinyl versatate copolymers, vinyl acetate - ethylene copolymers, acrylic copolymers.

Adhesives: vinyl acetate homopolymers for wood, vinyl acetate - ethylene copolymers for paper, cardboard and other packaging applications, acrylics for self-adhesive tapes.

Food Grade Polymers: Bulk and flaked vinyl acetate homopolymers and vinyl maleate copolymers for the cheese coating industry and the chewing gum base industry.

Solvent soluble Polymers: Beads of vinyl acetate homopolymers for adhesives and extrusions. Copolymers with crotonic acid for BMC compounds.




are a global producer of Acrylic Bead Polymer and Solution Polymers.

Colacryl® solution acrylics: The range of uses for these acrylic resins is diverse, from high performance peelable spray adhesives to coatings for electronics applications.

Colacryl® acrylic bead resins : These polymers are used mainly for tooth polymer, orthodontic and denture base applications, bone cememts and adhesives.

Elvacite® Bead Acrylic : Polymers or copolymers of methyl methacrylate or other acrylic monomers for use in solvent-applied lacquers, inks, foils, adhesives and specialty coatings. Elvacite® resins offer the distinctive combination of properties associated with high-quality coating resins.




for film additives marketed under the Dynoadd® trade name.

Dynoadd® polyester based polymers as used to control and improve wetting, flow, leveling and anti-cratering in specific application areas for industrial coatings and printing inks.

Dynoadd® Particles : Mono-spherical particles of narrow particle size distribution with bead diameters from 6 microns to 60 microns' used to improve surface properties of paint films including scratch and mar resistance.


Vink Chemicals

Vink Chemicals

Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG is a family owned business. Our success is driven by our people and their unrelenting focus on delivering results the right way - by operating responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative technologies and capturing new opportunities for profitable growth. We are involved in the production of biocide formulations for a variety of industries. As a service oriented company we also provide our customers with product solutions sourced all over the world.

Experience counts

We trace our beginnings in 1980 when we were part of the founded company Vink + Co. The initial focus was based on source and servicing a group of West African companies. In the 90's Vink + Co. put an additional emphasis on the chemical trade with European manufacturers in need of alternative supplies from all over the world. Since trading with biocide actives has already been an important part of our business we decided in 2008 to start the development of biocide formulations under the brand name Vinkocide and the setup of a new production plant in the north of Germany. In early 2011 Vink Chemicals GmbH & Co. KG had been established and the production was set into operation.

Global scope

Being present all over the world, our diverse and highly skilled global distribution network is growing daily to service our partners with help on the regulatory processes and technical information to get the best solutions for the purpose.

Environmental and safety standards

As a company and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the communities and the environment we live in. We have set up a state of the art production site fulfilling to the strict rules of the German government, reducing our emissions to the lowest levels possible.

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With a portfolio of more than 1,600 proven synthetic products, known around the world as a leading technological and commercial partner in multiple industrial applications.

Manufacturer of water based and solvent based resins, including acrylic, styrene acrylic & polyurethane resins for technical textiles, coatings, printing inks/graphic arts, building & construction products.

Trade names = Acrilem, Acrythane, Acris, Cleancap, Icafinish, Icaplink, Icapsil & Idropur




Producers of a complete range of silicone and silicone free liquid defoamers for the coatings, graphic arts and related industries, water-treatment, Building & Construction. Polysiloxane based hydrophobic water-repellent additives and powdered defoamers and water repellent additives for dry admixtures. De-aerating and surface treatment additives. 





Producer of speciality chemicals, wax and silicone emulsions, defoamers, surface treatment additives, auxiliary products for the car care, cleaning, coatings & graphic arts industries and mould release agents.






A range of high-end environmentally friendly specialised anti-corrosion and other slow release additives.


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