Acetic Acid

Acetic acid, also known as ethanoic acid, is a colourless liquid with the chemical formula CH₃COOH. In its undiluted form, glacial acetic acid, but diluted it is most commonly known as the key component of vinegar.

CAS number

  • 64-19-7

Typical Uses

  • As a food condiment, Vinegar (E260) or acidity regulator. 
  • Largely used in the production of Acetates, including vinyl acetate monomer, an essential building block for poly vinyl acetate 
  • Diluted in descaling agents and other household cleaning products, as a laboratory reagent and with agrochemicals


  • Available as chemically pure (glacial), food and technical grades, with custom dilution to your desired specification using our in-house facilities.

Other names

Ethanoic Acid; Ethylic Acid; Methanecarboxylic Acid


  • With a distinctive sour taste and pungent odour
  • A Carboxylic Acid, its density is 1.05 g/mL, and boiling point is 118 °C. 
  • Acetic Acid is highly miscible in water.

Packaging Types

  • Available in Poly, Drum, IBC or Bulk loads

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