Our Sustainability policy


As a responsible and leading chemical distribution company, Tennants Distribution understands the need to reduce the environmental and societal impact of our operations, activities and products, playing our part in reducing the effects of climate change and creating a better World for future generations. In our role as a distributor we act as a vital link in the supply chain between chemical manufacturers, who design and produce the products that we bring to market, and our customers who use those products in their processes and for the production of their goods.

The core values of the Tennant Group – trust, integrity, patience and accountability – underpin all of our business activities and support our sustainability goals.

Our sustainability policy focuses on the three pillars of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG).



In all of our decision-making processes we must take environmental impact into account and minimise this where practical and cost effective to do so. The key areas of focus are:


Focus Point

Understanding our impact

Carbon footprint reduction

Energy used for transportation

Energy used to operate facilities

Reduction of waste





We treat all of our colleagues fairly, ethically and with respect. They are provided with a working environment that is safe and healthy, both physically and mentally. We promote our social values in all of our supply chain interactions.


Focus Point

A healthy & satisfied workforce

Workplace Health & Safety

Product safety


Fair pay & living wage

Modern slavery

Equality & Diversity





We take a total compliance approach to all regulatory matters and maintain full transparency with all stakeholders.


Focus Point

Risk management



Avoiding conflicts of interest



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