Health & Safety Policy

Tennants always strive to maintain a high standard in health and safety practices and environmental standards.

We endeavour to have a working environment where accidents do not occur and in which employees, customers and the general public will not be exposed to hazards. Our employees, and contractors will be trained in work place health and safety, to respect the environment and encouraged to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

We will, before handling products, evaluate them to ensure that, despite inherent hazards with certain materials, they can be stored, handled and transported safely and that the packaging and labelling meets current legislation. We will advise our customers on the safe handling and use of our products and on their disposal without adverse environmental impact. Furthermore, update such customers with information as appropriate.

We will work closely with all relevant authorities concerned with health and safety in the chemical industry and with the emergency services in all appropriate operational locations.

We will monitor our performance in respect to health and safety requirements, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Legislation, and the environment in general. We will ensure we maintain safe working standards and promote the principles of Responsible Care and work with other industry leaders to do so.


Download our full Health, Safety and Environmental policy.

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